Our Story

We invest in the industry leaders of the future, primarily focusing on early-stage B2B solutions and fintech startups in the MENA region. Our commitment extends beyond funding, offering unparalleled support and access to a pivotal network, shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Palm Ventures was established as a business unit under a consultancy firm in 2014 with a vision to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem in KSA. The business unit has provided support to over 25 founders and startups and has assisted various government institutions in fulfilling their innovation-commercialization mandates.

In 2021, Palm Ventures evolved into a standalone company, focusing on technology startup investments. This transformation brought together over 30 investors and advisors, creating the Palm Ventures family, which includes CEOs of top corporations, serial entrepreneurs, and investment experts.

Palm Ventures is on a mission to establish a top-tier, enduring venture capital firm poised to seize opportunities in the MENA region and beyond!

Palm Ventures Overview

Direct Investments

AI Investments


  • 13 direct investments up-to-date in the MENA region.

  • 41% IRR, 2x in 2 years.

  • Mini-Fund for 4 US-based AI startups.

  • In partnership with Cartography Capital.

  • To invest in 40 deals.

  • MENA + Opportunistic.